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Ted Lasso is a high end episodic series produced by Apple TV+ and Warner Brothers. Staring Jason Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, an American college football coach who heads to London to manage AFC Richmond, a fictitious, struggling English Premier League football team.

Thanks to Kip Kroeger, Cory Jamieson and Lawson Deming I was enlisted during pre-production to be the Onset VFX Supervisor for all 12 Episodes, assisting in the planning for all VFX, the onset supervision and integration with the VFX vendors.

Title Credit: VFX Supervisor

16 Days preproduction

41 Days shooting

7 Directors

4 Cinematographers

3 VFX Vendor Studios


1633 VFX Shots

520 CGI Football Stadium Shots 

I was responsible for supervising the VFX needed for the football action, studio and location shoots. I primarily helped make sure VFX vendor Barnstorm VFX would have the information and visual cues required to recreate believable Premiere League football grounds behind the foreground action plates. The football action was shot entirely at Hayes & Yeading United F.C. - a semi-professional football club located near the studios, with the stadiums created in CGI.

We had additional VFX in episodes which included supervising main (and 2nd unit) crowd and plate shoots, Underground station recreation, Blue-screens, head-replacements (due to stunts), set extensions, set cleanup and multiple device screen replacements.

The second season of “Ted Lasso” also became the most Emmy-winning comedy for the second year in a row with four total wins, including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Jason Sudeikis), Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Brett Goldstein), and Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series (MJ Delaney). 




I helped with: Script breakdowns, VFX shoot planning, Production meetings and advice, Tech Recces, 2nd Unit VFX shoots, Studio & Locations shoots, VFX and Main unit plate photography, VFX Drone plate shoots, HDRI imagery, Set measurements, Weather and sunlight planning with DOPs, Head Replacements, Environment extensions, Environment enhancement, Blue screen backgrounds, Stunt planning and VFX, Motion control shots, Crowd replication, Crowd tiling, Crowd shooting, Crowd sprite shoots (including a syncronisation video), Panoramic photography, Merging of multiple plates shot on different days, Set extensions, Camera on Technocranes, Crane, Dolly, Ronin, Handheld, Sticks, Arri Alexa and Sony Venice, Children & Animals, CGI animals, CGI references (Pigeons and balls), Lens grid shoots, Screen replacements,  We had it all! Fun times.



Directors: Declan Lowney, Ezra Edelman, Erica Dunton, 

Matt Lipsey, Sam Jones, MJ Delaney.

2nd Unit Football Director: Pedro Romhanyi.

DOP: John Sorapure, David Rom, Ryan Kernaghan, Vanessa Whyte. 


Studio: Apple TV+ & Warner Brothers.


Onset VFX Supervisor: James Mac


VFX Studios: Barnstorm VFX, Digital Film Tree, Untold Studios.

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