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Untold Studios got in touch about a project that needed someone to help out with a shoot and then to follow it through VFX. I’d done a couple of projects with Michael in the past, so was thrilled to be involved. The shoot was to cover all the commercials for the brand release of the new Sky Glass super smart TV. 


We shot for 12 days in Black Island, loads of big set builds, blue screen exteriors and a magical volume of pixels to be created in CGI.


Michael and the Sky team had a very strong idea about how the particles should interact with the actors and environment. To enhance this onset, we created a number of different interactive light probes and sequencing using Arri light panels and Astera tubes.


After the films were shot, I was pulled in to Untold Studios to help run the comp side of the project, with Seb running the CGI. The teams were amazing, with the results speaking for themselves.


Director: Michael Gracey

DOP: Erik Wilson


Agency: AKQA


Onset VFX Supervisor: James Mac


VFX Studio: Untold Studios

Executive Producer: Carl Phillips

VFX Supervisors: James Mac & Seb Caldwell


Colourist: Steffan Perry

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