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Filfury has an amazingly refined graphic approach to his cinematography. I’d wanted to work with him for quite a while and I was lucky enough to be put forward for this project. Super excited. Reading the script and director treatment, I knew I’d really enjoy his approach to his film-making.


For this project I was the 2D Creative Lead. (I think this is a fancy marketing term for VFX Supervisor....)


The requirements from the lighting and camera work were exceptional and required a fresh approach to deliver the goods.]


The previs was an ever-evolving beast. The super talented 3D artists (Dan Moller I’m looking at you and your team...) created an approach where changes were made little and often, these flowed through with rapid iteration. We tested, we played, we tested, we played. All through the process Concept, Motion Graphics, CGI and Compositing were working in synchronicity. Bliss.


The main challenge was the rolling highlights across the elements within the scenes. To increase the number of variations we could test and put forward, we developed a process using rendered reflected UV passes in Nuke to generate gobo shapes to be reconstituted in CGI as high resolution renders. This enabled lighting changes to be made in seconds. In Nuke.


Post Production House: The Mill

Director: FILFURY

Production Company: Mill+

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