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Ross came in with a script and a number of key visuals, with the intention of setting the artists and athletes in provocative, yet beautiful imagery. The soundtrack by the visionary, Chase & Status, hammered home the energy of the set and intention of the piece.

I was lucky enough to shoot supervise the three day extravaganza in a complete green screen studio, which made a number of the production crew queasy - but no one ever turns down a job with, BMX's, dancers, cage fighters, rock stars, wolves, ravens, doves and fire!


After the shoot and edit, we began crafting the environment. It was mostly created using the particular and form plugins in After Effects. This was nailed by Stephen Waugh. The I took the elements and compositing them in the Flame.


The crows were an interesting component. We shot a crow flying, managed to find a take and loop it a bit like a gif, then used this loop as the texture for a particle sprite, with time offsets. Cheap flocking crows yo. Some things were done in Flame, then fed to After Effects, or Maya, then came back for a final composite. I’ve always loved the holistic collaborative approach. It makes for great project rooms.


Post House: Prime Focus

Directors: Ross Cairns

Agency: Resistance Partners

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