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The fine folk at Dark Horses approached Mill+ to pitch on an extraordinary piece for Nissan Champions League idents. Cars, Footballers and VFX, are you kidding me? As soon as I heard about the project, I leapt at it. It was a little hard to not feel like a kid in a candy shop.


The concept revolves around demonstrating how beautifully advanced the latest Nissan technology is, blending it with the rapid intelligence of elite footballers under pressure in the continent’s ultimate sports competition.


I Co-Directed with Filfury, together we focused on creating a world for Nissan set in the near future where players, design and technology operate in synchronicity. Careful consideration was given to the palate on all fronts, to create a world conceivably possible in the near future. We were very fortunate to have David Procter join us as DOP. He developed and enhanced the aesthetic, bringing a cinematic approach to the lighting and framing of the shots.


We shot world class footballers Philippe Coutinho, Eden Hazard and Lieke Martens on set, playing against real opposition, carefully choreographed by Bohdan at SportsOnScreen to recreate the passion and the complex art of their talents.


Once we had the shots in the can, we headed back to the studio at The Mill and with Raj Davsi, crafted transitions between CGI cars and footballers that are organic and mesmerising. It’s a sweet harmony between live action and VFX, created by The Mill with Sam Driscoll at the helm of the CGI.


The personnel collaborations on this project made it the perfect fusion on all fronts, and something I’d love to do again, as soon as possible.



Agency: Dark Horses

Producer: Lizzie Mabbott, Andy Walsh

Creative Director: Steve Munachen

Creatives: Rory McCaskill, Mat Joiner

Senior Account Manager: Zara Scriven

Account Executive: Kitty Hall    


Production: Mill+

Director: FILFURY

Co-Director: James Mac

Executive Producer: Dougal Meese

Producer: Swifty Hanrahan

DOP: David Procter


Editorial: Final Cut

Editor: Ryan Beck    


VFX: The Mill

Producer: Tom “Iggy” Igglesden

Shoot Supervisors: James Mac, Sam Driscoll

2D Lead Artist: James Mac

3D Lead Artist: Sam Driscoll

Art Director: Rajinder Davsi

2D Artist: Jorg Schulz-Gerchow, Pete Hodsman, Gianluca Di Marco, Declan Andrews, Charlie Dockerill

3D Artist: Margaux Huneau, Tony Atherton, Carlo Cafora, Josh Curtis, Deniz Cinar, Gabriel Burokas, Evelina Dalin, Rob Moore, Kieran Jordan

Concept Artist: Cameron Johnson

Tracking Supervisor: Senthil Murugan Balasundaram

Tracking Lead: Sendil Kumar J

Tracking: Giri Prasath, Gokul Navaneethan, Karthick Karuppaswamy, Karthik Viswanathan, Spandana Battula , Tarun Kumar, Abhishek Kumar, Suneel Kumar

Production: Payal Thankkar, Rhea Sil

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