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Sarah’s Story was the 2009 Awareness Week campaign to raise awareness of Motor Neuron Disease. It featured Sarah Ezekiel who is living with MND and after whom the campaign was been named.


This was tough.


Sarah has limited mobility and speech, given these restrictions we expected to have to do a lot of this project in Post Production. Sarahs attitude was astounding. Not only did we shoot more than expected in-camera, Sarah offered to tackle more than we needed.


In post, most of the project entailed set cleanup and rig removal, and a couple of shots of facial reconstruction to help the actress look more like Sarah. For this piece I was onset VFX supervisor and lead compositor.


After producing the cinema commercial, the regulatory board gave the commercial a 15 certificate, unintentionally raising awareness, through controversy. The unsettling, even shocking, visuals contains no nudity or violence. It was banned on UK television.


Sarah’s Story won ‘Best Crafted Commercial 2009’ at the BTA Craft Awards in London.

Post House: Prime Focus

Director: Jim Weedon

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