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McLaren envisaged a film showcasing the lengths the engineers and designers would go to creating the 765LT. Adapted from the incredible 720S, radically lightened and the most powerful LT yet. I was fortunate enough to be the director of this film, executing it for the ultra talents at McLaren and London agency VCCP.


VCCP ECD Sam Heath came into The Mill with a script showcasing an emotional struggle. When the McLaren engineers and designers are set near impossible objectives, the tasks can initially seem beyond the possible for them. This script married the technological elements of the McLaren brand with the aggressive and dark nature of the LT.


Fearless engineering. All portrayed in modern, innovative and exciting realms.


The brief was amazing. Given I am a motorsport mad, McLaren F1 supporting, film making partner, the collaboration excited me beyond words. I wanted to bring the human connection into the very technically driven process. Given my background I know only too well, the vehicles produced by McLaren are the sum of many many parts, all conceived and designed and executed by their talented staff.


The viewers of the film needed to feel what the engineers and designers face internally when tackling their challenges.


Given my years of advertising experience, I proposed we use the entire spectrum of practical and digital film making techniques for the film. All elements carefully considered from script to finished film.


During the creation of the film we utilised, stunt work, practical physical effects, in-camera lighting desk effects (over 100 sources), on-set AR visualisation to assist framing, physical light probing for digital replication, camera tracking, VR production techniques, Virtual camera capture, Houdini CGI effects, Epic Unreal procedural environment generation, Unreal IB lighting, Unreal texture and environment creation, Unreal animation, Unreal camera creation and integration with tracked on-set cameras, Custom Bokeh element generation, Compositing and Colour Grading.


The whole production and VFX kit and caboodle. All in one marvellous mad capped project at The Mill.

Client: McLaren Automotive

Global Brand Manager: Paul Runza

Global Product Manager Ultimate and Super Series: Ian Howshall


Agency: VCCP

Producer: Liv Riddle

Creative Director: Sam Heath

Creatives: Ahmed Ellabib & Chris Russell

Account Director: Jade Leighton


Production: The Mill

Director: James Mac

Executive Producer: Dougal Meese

Producer: Amalia Rawling

Directors Assistant: Alfie Johnson

Director of Photography: Ben Todd

Actor (Designer): Piotr Biernat

Actor (Engineer): Jakub Kołaczkowski


Production PL: Tango Productions

Producer PL: Remik Bartos

Production Manager PL: Szymon Danilczyk

Ist AD: Kube Wielecki


Studio: Bites


Editorial: The Assembly Rooms

Editor: Nick Allix

VFX: The Mill

Producer: Kate Ryan

Shoot Supervisors: James Mac, Michael Parker

VFX Supervisor: James Mac

Unreal CGI Artists: Michael Parker, Russel Tickner, Haynd Roff

2D Artists: James Mac, Barnsley, Carl Norton, Brad Wood, Nhat Quang, Peter Atack

3D Artist: Paul Donellin

Design: Andrew Zmurowski, Ross Urien, Henry Foreman

Colourist: Tom Mangham


Epic - Unreal Engine

Epic Games: Alistair Thompson

Unreal CGI Artists: Julien Didisheim, Saga Alayyoubi

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