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We teamed up again with Director Jack Driscoll of Academy Films for a mad capped stadium scramble with Lays.


Due to football player availability and restrictions the shots with Lionel Messi up the SpiderCam and any interactions he had with Pogba were head replacements. Paul Pogba was injured at the time of the shoot as well, so many of his shots were head replacements due to his movement restrictions. To her credit, Lieke Martens started doing her stunts before Jack had the time to tell her the full plan to shoot her safely (or even have the camera rolling). Absolute trooper!


In VFX, Jack looked to us to create the atmosphere and crowds within the stadium. We did this with both crowd replications shot as plates, and CGI digital doubles and simulations. We also had to create a fictitious European stadium.


This project was soooo much fun to film. It was extra surreal watching crowds of people climb stadium seating in the confines of a Barcelona studio.

Agency: 180 Kingsday


Production Company: Academy Films

Director: Jack Driscoll

Producer: Tom Cartwright

Director of Photography: Tat Radcliffe


Service Company: 24/7


VFX: The Mill

Producer: Tom Manton

VFX & Shoot Supervisor (2D): James Mac

VFX & Shoot Supervisor (3D): Ben Blundell

Colour: James Bamford



Editorial: Cut + Run

Editor: Ben Campbell

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