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Hanna Maria Heidrich came to us again with another amazing treatment. This time: Nico Rosberg and Iggy Pop. Can I help? Hells yes Hanna. Hells yes!


During the tech recce, Hanna and I devoted a fair amount of time, with Tim Maurice Jones, to determine the best approach for shooting the static train. We were unable to shoot the moving train as it was so new, it hadn’t been thoroughly tested for final usage.


The intention was to have it appear as though the train were speeding through an augmented German landscape.


Building on some of our learning from Debenhams with Hanna the previous year, we developed a system for travelling light and camera tracking. The shoot was supervised by an old friend, and talented VFX Supervisor, Chris Mortimer.


Back in London, with everything in the can, we set about comping landscapes, CGI exterior shots of the train, and many screen replacements. We had to do a few head replacements as Nico was unavailable for a few shots. The baby jumping stunt sequence had to be a VFX shot as apparently, it’s not cool to jump a baby. Nico had the goods to deliver, but the legal people had an issue....


We did no beauty work on the actors. Not a single frame. Iggy really does look that good at 70 years old.

Agency: Bbdo Berlin

Executive Creative Directors: Till Diestel & Tobi Grimm

Agency Producer: Alexander Geier


Production Company: Anorak Film

Producer: Björn Krüger

Executive Producer: Tobias Steinhauser

Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich


Director Of Photography: Tim Maurice Jones

Production Designer: Marketa Korinkova

Onset VFX Supervisor: Chris Mortimer

Edit: Benjamin Entrup

Music: Iggy Pop - The Passenger

Sound Design: 750 Mph London


VFX: The Mill

Executive Producer: Ian Berry

Producer: Angela Toner

Production Assistant: Laura Pereda, Payal Thakkar

VFX Supervisor: James Mac

3D Lead Artists: Laurent Giaume, Anish Mohan

2D Artists:  Brad Wood, Charles Dockerill, Milo Paterson, Adam Fenwick, Adam Maynard, Nick Sze, Jack Pond

3D Artists: Dhanesh Sudhakaran, Dinesh B, Adinath Chavan, Venugopal Ananthaneni, Vaclav Cizkovsky, Deniz Cinar

Color Grading: James Bamford

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