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This project was always going to look amazing given Hanna Maria Heidrichs devotion to the frame. Her attention to detail was amazing to see in action. Hanna and DOP Christophe Collette artistically set the tone for shots that were near enough complete. We just needed to give them a delicate finesse.


For this project I was the onset VFX Supervisor and led a team of compositors in Nuke and Flame.


The toughest VFX tasks were mostly centered around the fact we shot in summer, in Budapest. We were tasked with completing VFX that would convince the viewer we had shot in the middle of winter in the UK.

To create these we used matte painting, in-camera and CGI snow effects. Due to the short hours of darkness in summer, some of the shots were completed day-for-night. One shot inside the Budapest Keleti railway station required a lot of matte painting and effects to feel as though it belonged within the piece. You can see a shot breakdown below.


Post Production House: The Mill

Director: Hanna Maria Heidrich 

Agency: J.Walter Thompson London

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