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When Pete (Daydreamer VFX founder) calls, you answer. This is why. Having worked together for a number of years while at The Mill, I knew any project he might ‘need little help with’ tended to be artistically challenging, of the highest order and amazing fun. This hit all three once again.


Nico and the peeps at Canada had a film in the can that needed an opening scene with a woman observing Earth from high above, before traveling through the atmosphere down toward an enormous storm. I was thankful to have been asked to tackle this sequence.


I completed the shots remotely in Flame, utilising the full gamut of 3D scene manipulation, matte painting, particle generation and compositing all in scene linear goodness.


I also spent some special time nerding out on the anamorphic lens flares shot onset with Arri DNA lenses on the Alexa 65 and LF! I really love breaking down and analysing lenses to their optic elements so I was really in ....element.


Director - Nicolás Méndez @ CANADA

Producer - Victor Mata

DOP - Arnau Valls

Agency - &Rosàs

VFX Studio - Daydreamer VFX

VFX Supervisor - Pete Rypstra

2D - Pete Rypstra, James Mac, Richard Mckeand & Richie White

3D - Mazuki Studios

DMP - Dave Gibbons

Previs - Tito Fernandes

Colour - Thomas Mangham @ The Mill

Sound Design - Jack Sedgwick @ Wave Studios

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