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Brian and the Herberts were created by using a mixture of live action and CGI. The CG artists at The Mill modelled and textured them to look exactly like the real thing, so the viewer couldn't differentiate between CG Brian and animatronic Brian.


The biggest technical issue on this Confused project was the lighting. It was our task to re-create the on-set disco lighting effect. The CGI peeps created characters as near to the in-camera as lighting possible, and the compositors tackled seamlessly integrating them into each shot.


I was fortunate enough to play my part in a team of compositors on this one. My shots are the stills below.


We went to great depths to recreate the effects the lenses had on the imagery. The anamorphics were analysed in Nuke to determine the individual differences between the focal differences within each RGB channels. Yep, there were differences. We geeked out, big time. These differences were applied to all CGI. Don’t get me started on the camera grain, we’d be here too long.

Post Production House: The Mill

Director: Michael Gracey

Agency: Publicis

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