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This commercial of riotous joy for Cadbury was born out of their fun-loving “Free the Joy” campaign. But, as with the best ideas, simplicity in conception doesn’t necessarily mean simplicity in creation


The key here is believability. It was a fine balance between luring you in with hyper-realistic 3D rendering of the fetuses, but avoiding jaws hitting the floor too hard when they start to sing.


We worked closely with Adrian throughout a pre-visualisation phase to establish the length of the shots, camera moves & narrative development, whilst simultaneously developing the highly sophisticated look and feel of the CG elements.


The first part to our brief was to create a hyper-real environment for our babies, to the point of being scientifically believable. With this achieved, it could then be softened by romanticising the scene with lighting, flares & focus.


Sometimes, just sometimes, renders go so wrong, they are right.

Post Production House: Glassworks

Director: Adrian De Sa Garces

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather South Africa

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