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This project was the genesis of my desire to work in Film, Visual Effects and Advertising. It combined my love of Art, Science and everything in between.



It was the year 1999 and digital cameras were hard to come by for a couple of students in New Zealand. Let alone 22 of them.


My good friend Stacy Dixon and I had seen a music video by Coolio (the ever classy “C U When U Get There”), and decided we wanted to see if we could emulate the effect in the video.


Using true Kiwi Number 8 Wire mentality, we improvised and adapted as best we could. Purchasing 22 Agfa disposable film cameras, we constructed and filmed our very own Bullet time effect.


Workshops were not as clean, clothing styles debatable and Sony Hi8 was the best option to film with. We were pretty pleased with the out come. 


Engineers: Stacy Dixon and James Mac

Directors: Stacy Dixon and James Mac

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