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To ensure the believably and characterisation, we worked from the live action references of real performers delivering their lines on set wearing prosthetic model heads, created by MillenNium FX.


On this project I was a lead Nuke compositor, tackling the shots you can see in the stills below. I held the master timelines in Flame, pressing play when the clients needed a gander.


The CG animators created gentle breaths, blinks and subtle eye glances to add to the characters realism. The renders were created using proprietary fur tools, then we took the passes into Nuke and comped to till our hearts were content.


Mid way through the project someone in the studio noted the Zebra Beaver Koala  commercial names rhymed with Rupert Holmes’ lyrics in Escape (The Pina Colada song). Most mornings began with a rendition involving the commercial names.

Post Production House: The Mill

Director: Dom & Nic

Agency: WCRS

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