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Being a huge/slightly obsessive fan (why doesn’t the right bank flare in the final down-shift?) of Mark Jenkinsons Audi R8 V10 Plus Evolution on the Outside, Revolution on the Inside commercial, I jumped at the chance to be involved in a project with him. It didn’t disappoint.


I was the lead compositor for this project heading up a small team over a few months.


Due to the unseasonably warm weather, what was initially an in-camera commercial, had to be augmented with CGI snow throughout. Warm snow doesn’t kick up off the ground in the same way cold snow does. Also, with the uneven terrain, the camera movement needed some help, as it was a little to unsteady to show off the R8.


The commercial was also shortened to reflect the air time, so what was originally a single shot, is in fact two shots stitched together seamlessly on the run. No mean feat with the sun flaring its way straight down the lens the entire take.


Post Production House: The Mill

Director: Mark Jenkinson

Production Company: Carnage

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