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I headed up the compositing for the Amazon Christmas global campaign for 2017. Most of the initial compositing was art directing all the Amazon boxes to concise standards. After the 500 odd boxes had been digitally art directed, we set about crafting the animated mouths. Animation and characters varied from box to box.

Given the number of shots, the focus was on implementing bespoke photo-real composites, that could consistently applied by multiple VFX artists at The Mill . The compositing of the mouths was tackled using familiar photographic techniques, and transfer layering, to maintain the subtle in-camera lighting changes cast across the boxes as they head through the Amazon Fulfilment Center.'

Initially the brief boxed the artists in, but with smiles on our faces and with all the artists in sync, we sang to a common tune. Like Amazon, we delivered on time, ahead of schedule. The only question now is, what's in the box!?

Post Production House: The Mill

Director: Nick Gordon

Agency: Lucky Generals

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