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This project was another GMUNK visual extravaganza. From the outset there were a number of interesting elements we knew would need to be tackled. The process video explains most of the process, obviously, including the CGI. We shot Gareth Bale in a studio, mid way through the post process.


In Nuke, we generated the entire landscapes, from HDRI images taken in a location outside Madrid. The ground plane was a combination of texture and matte painting.


The depth to the dusty ground particles was particularly exacting. We crafted the dust in the Nuke particle system, vortexes and all, then using deep compositing techniques, generated layered exrs to place Bale within the environment. We went Bales deep in the comping. I was leading the compositing team and was the onset VFX supervisor.


Post Production House: Glassworks

Director: GMUNK

Agency: Adidas Amsterdam

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